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From the Experts

Three Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Ground Blinds

If you want to succeed when hunting turkeys from a ground blind this spring, consider these three sure-fire strategies for ambushing your next gobbler. Read

How Can I Get Tighter Patterns?

Turn a good turkey gun into a great turkey gun by using the perfect shotshell/choke combination. Read

2018 NWTF Convention Watch: Best Turkey Takers

What could be more important than having a special-purpose turkey gun that gets the job done every time? Here are of some of the latest, greatest turkey takers on the planet — on display at the 2018 NWTF Convention. If you’re in the market for a new shotgun this spring, you’ve gotta check these out. Read

Recent Articles

Tips for Turkey Decoy Deployment

Turkey decoys provide the eye candy that mature gobblers find hard to resist. They add realism to any good setup and close the information gap for toms that are coming to the call. They heard a hen — and now they see one. Read

Bad Birds: The Tale of Blinky

There are turkeys and then there are turkeys. And it’s the tough ones that leave a lasting impression — if not a bad taste in a turkey hunter’s mouth. This is the tale of one such bird. Read

Bolt-Actions are Boss Turkey Takers

While semiauto and pump-action shotguns are most popular with turkey hunters, bolt-action shotguns are a great option, especially for run-and-gun hunting. Like bolt-action rifles and slug guns, they are durable, reliable and quick to recycle. Read

Texas is Huge! And So Are The Turkey Hunting Opportunities.

Texas is huge! And so are its turkey hunting opportunities. Read