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From the Experts

Turkey & Turkey Hunting Retro Minute: The Crawl For It All

One roost tree? Miles of open prairie? How would this Eastern hunter fare during his first trip to the wide-open land of Merriam’s gobblers? Read

How Were Wild Turkeys Domesticated?

Turkeys were not merely “tamed” by being captured and penned up. The process likely took generations. Read

New Product Review: Hook’s Custom Calls Exterminator Crystal

With its zebra-wood pot and crystal surface, this handsome pot call produces great yelps, cutting and cackles. Read

Recent Articles

A Turkey Hunting Legend: Personal Memories About the Great Lovett Williams

Lovett’s passing has left a huge void in the world of the wild turkey. Here, Brian Lovett looks back on his 19-some years of working with this legendary biologist and hunter. Read

In Memorium: Lovett Williams

Lovett Williams was a true turkey man for the ages, and everyone at Turkey & Turkey Hunting mourns his passing. Read

Turkey & Turkey Hunting Retro Minute: Otro Viaje a Tejas?

A return engagement to Texas brought more great hunting — and a few surprises. Read

Turkey & Turkey Hunting Retro Minute: The Gobbler Named Pep

The tough Alabama woods got a little brighter when editor Brian Lovett and his friend encountered a special turkey. Read