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From the Experts

Put Gobblers on the Ground with Dirty Tricks with Friction Calls

Put more gobblers on the ground with these proven tactics and dirty tricks with friction calls that make wild turkeys go nuts. Read

How to Preserve, Display a Turkey’s Trophy Parts

A wild turkey’s legs, spurs, beard and plumage are decorative when properly preserved and require minimal space for displaying. Spread tails and wings look good on a den wall and small parts such as spurs and beards can be preserved and put away for safekeeping in display boxes or displayed in shadow boxes. But don’t hide your trophies — it is easy to make them worthy additions to your home or lodge decor. Read

Hot Gear: Talk Sweetly When Calling Your Birds

Turkey hunters are only as good as the calls they use to produce those sounds that drive tom turkeys crazy. Here are some super-sweet models to consider. Read

Recent Articles

A Biology Lesson on Turkey Crops

Turkeys are opportunistic feeders and will eat many things, including small snails in their shells to possibly obtain calcium. Read

Expert Tips on How to Dress and Cook a Wild Turkey

Nothing beats heading out into the fall turkey woods and coming back with supper, especially after a great hunt that can be remembered and enjoyed. Read

Tangling with ‘The Boss’ Turkey Always an Exciting Hunt

All turkey hunters have encountered boss birds of each gender at one time or another and usually had a pretty interesting hunt after dealing with these roost-ruling birds. Read

Is Silence Golden in Turkey Hunting?

It’s important to learn how to stay focused when turkeys go silent. If not, the results can be hilarious. Read