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From the Experts

Recipe: Wild Turkey Cream of Mushroom/Wild Rice Soup

What better way to take the early spring chill off than curling up to a bowl of steaming hot soup — with wild turkey cream of mushroom and wild rice being a perennial favorite. It’s easy to make, and the whole family will enjoy it! Read

Where Do Those Large Winter Flocks of Gobblers Go Come Spring?

Turkeys congregated in large, same-sex flocks during the winter begin to disperse when spring arrives. Some gobblers go it alone while others remain in small — often related — bachelor groups. Read

Hot Gear: ThermaCell Device Clamp

Keep those blood-sucking vermin at bay with this multi-purpose clamp that positions your ThermaCell unit for maximum efficiency. Read

Recent Articles

Recipe: Turkey Pot Pie

Here’s a classic recipe that’s sure to warm the appetites of your friends and family. Turkey pot pie — an American classic — is quick and simple to make. Read

No Consensus on the Worst Predator for Wild Turkeys

The debate probably is similar to asking about which choke constriction is best or what kind of ammo knocks gobblers in the dirt. But it’s still fair to ask and kick around the coffee table with other hunters. Here goes: … Read

What are Some Good Decoy Deployment Tactics?

Turkey decoys provide the eye candy that mature gobblers find hard to resist. They add realism to any good setup and close the information gap for toms that are coming to the call. They heard a hen — and now they see one. Read

Three Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Ground Blinds

If you want to succeed when hunting turkeys from a ground blind this spring, consider these three sure-fire strategies for ambushing your next gobbler. Read